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Moving Tips

We know that moving can be stressful, that's why with Moving Together, we assure you that we will make your move as easy as possible! In the list below, you will find some inside tips and tricks on how to help make your move easier, safer and a lot smoother!


Let’s get started:


  • Slide all your packaged (light) boxes and keep all the heavy furniture for the movers – to one area. This will allow movers to easily navigate and smoothly move your boxes and furniture to the truck.

  • Make space for movers to walk around your home safely, to prevent tripping on your items.

  • Use medium to bigger size boxes to make your move easier and faster.

  • Use strong garbage bags to cover clothes in hangers when wardrobe boxes are not available.

  • Pack items from the same room together.

  • Place heavier items in smaller boxes.

  • Use newspapers, cushion sheets, bubble wraps or wrapping paper to protect glass, plates or antiques.

  • Label your boxes with colours or names. For example, “Dishes and Utensils” in red, “Master Bedroom” in green, “Office” in blue etc.

  • Using shrink wrap instead of duct tape will provide a stronger and tighter close to your packaging.

  • Empty all dressers and wardrobe from heavy items and clothes.  

  • Protect your mattress with a mattress bag.

  • Use ziplock bags for loose screws and small items before putting them in a box.

  • Fill your empty spaces with packing peanuts before closing up your boxes.

  • When storing your furniture be sure to use massive plastic bags to protect your leathers or fabric from dust and scratches.

  • Use a dolly if you're moving yourself, especially when moving heavy furniture or equipments.

  • Use frame corner protectors to protect your paintings, photos or diplomas from scratching.

  • Decluttering: donate, sell, or giveaway furniture or clothes you no longer need to your friends or family.

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Our Quality Guarantee

At Moving Together, our team is determined to providing customer satisfaction.

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